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    Designer furniture from Turkish manufacturers not only combines functionality and maximum comfort, its luxurious design immediately speaks to the style and taste of its owner. Discover luxury collections that are exactly the kind of Turkish furniture that will allow you to relax, delight your eyes and amaze your guests. On the
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    Classic ottoman

    Before making a choice of furniture for your home, it is worth considering all the options. Ottoman is a type of furniture that few people know about, although they use it almost every day. The name is a derivative of the French word "ottomane", this is how the French called the Ottomans – the inhabitants of the Turkish Empire.

    Initially, the ottoman was an ordinary sofa without a back, more like an ottoman. It was covered with a soft cloth or carpet, and it was always comfortable to lie in a pile of pillows. The low-legged ottoman later acquired a small curly back; she fits perfectly into the atmosphere of modern apartments, although she has a clear oriental style.

    An ottoman can easily replace a table or an armchair, recently this product is multifunctional, it is an ageless classic. In modern models, a spacious box for storing bedding has appeared, although it is not recommended to use an ottoman as a permanent bed, but guests will really like.