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    Are you or someone you are close to you struggling to get around due to an impairment or disability? There are millions of people who suffer from a disability or handicap which severely restricts their ability to do the things they love. Zorg Taxi Rotterdam’s
    rolstoelvervoer services enable people with disabilities and disabilities to travel independently and safely to any destination that they prefer.

    This is only one of the many advantages that you can enjoy when you use Zorg Taxi Rotterdam. Continue reading to discover what other advantages Zorg Taxi Rotterdam can offer you!

    Fully Equipped Vehicle Fleet

    At Cathay Express, we know one size does not fit all, and everyone’s needs are different. Our fleet of vehicles includes GPS tracking systems as well as air conditioning and heating as well as emergency escape doors as well as hydraulic lifts and high tops. Each vehicle is checked twice every year. Our drivers are licensed and maintain an impeccable driving record.

    Numerous Transportation Services

    Zorg Taxi Rotterdam can take passengers anywhere, whether to meet friends for a ride or for a doctor’s appointment. We are available for your convenience. services are available 24 hours a days and all week. People with disabilities or handicaps can now travel independently and securely visit their family members and friends, travel to the airport and dine at their favorite restaurant, and many other popular destinations.

    Affordable with No Hidden Fees

    You might be thinking "Zorg Taxi Rotterdam sounds too good to be true!" You may be thinking, "Zorg Taxi Rotterdam is too amazing to be true!" There is no risk. We’re the real deal. Rides are easy to setup, contain no hidden fees and are simple to fill out forms to begin the process. Our customers are always first. We also offer a an affordable price guarantee on all of our services!

    Insurance is accepted

    Cathay Express accepts many payment methods. We accept all major insurance carriers and every major credit card, cash, and checks. Accepted insurances include Independence Care System, Aetna, WellCare, EmblemHealth, MetroPlus, and much more.

    Easy to Book

    Zorg Taxi Rotterdam’s online booking platform makes it easy to book a ride and find a date. Customers can request a time and then provide their travel plans by filling out an easy form to contact. A customer service rep will follow up by calling and confirming the transportation. Our drivers never arrive late, and they always arrive ahead of schedule!

    Your Transport Wheelchair is available

    Anyone who is able to use an electric wheelchair with great difficulty yet who requires continuous medical attention for any aspect of their physical affliction can consider using rolstoelvervoer Rotterdam in terms of cost and ease of use. These chairs are light and easy to move around, making them one of the cheapest. If someone doesn’t require regular medical attention the electric wheelchair can cost less than a few weeks since the user will not have to pay for a nurse.

    But if a wheelchair-user needs medical assistance and is unable to operate an electric powered wheelchair, they could save money by using an aid to transport, and also decrease the weight that the medical aid has to carry should their wheelchair have motor.