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    Fashion accessories play an essential role in completing the overall look of a woman. An ordinary simple dress can be easily brightened up by accessorizing it just a little. They not just complete the look of an outfit but they also ensure it is look more stylish and glamorous.

    Must Have Fashion Accessories FOR WOMEN:

    1.Bags: right from a smart tote bag to the classy clutch purse, nothing can define your lifestyle more than a hand bag. You can choose a multitude of handbags to suit your dress and the occasion.

    2.Belts: belts in various shapes, sizes and color will be the new fashion mantra for almost every girl I understand of.
    more info defines your waist-line beautifully but it also provides a definition to almost any outfit.

    3.Scarves: you can aquire yourself a pashmina or a silk scarf or it is possible to settle for its cheaper cousins which tend to be more affordable. Scarves are here to remain. They complement nearly every dress that you wear. And so are great assets that you can pass down to the next generation.

    4.Silver Hoop Earrings: a silver hoop earring is similar to a fashion tradition that will never get old. Hoops are your very best friend because they can single handedly add a great deal of glamor to your look. They go with every hairdo and you don’t even need a neckpiece once you have hoops.

    5.Cocktail Rings: with regards to cock tale rings the bolder they are the better. A cocktail ring is a big attention seeker also it spells class like nothing else does.

    6.Shoes: besides being a necessity they are also an excellent fashion accessory. You have to be careful while pairing your shoes together with your dress because the wrong shoe can land you in deep trouble. Stilettos are to gowns as pumps are to dresses; similarly sneakers are to jeans as flip-flops are to bikinis.