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    Regardless of what you do in your destination of choice, kayaking, trekking, volunteering, paragliding or perhaps relaxing and sightseeing; There are a few things that we all can do to avoid causing offence or harming environmental surroundings. Remember, your actions count. Listed here are up top tips to cause you to a much more ethical traveler!!

    • Understand and respect local cultures, traditions and holy places. Choosing mortified to believe you had offended anyone when you therefore it is worthwhile to learn some of the local cultures. By way of example in Nepal, it can be rude to shake hands, exchange money or eat using your left-hand (since this is your dirty hand), it is usually frowned upon to touch children at the top of their heads and you need to always take off your shoes before entering a monastery.

    • Buy locally – If you need to purchase own food or get some snacks, get free from the important western supermarket and buying away from the market. It’s the same produce and you’ll be helping small business owners survive. You may probably get a better price and you have the fun of wandering around the markets and meeting locals.

    • Ditch the plastic- Many countries don’t have recycling facilities of course, if your drinking 3 litres per day for two main weeks what a whopping 84 bottles which will end up in a landfill somewhere. Bring (or buy) a refillable water bottle and use it whenever you can. In Nepal, many shops have clean h2o available from the jar just for 10 rupees a litre (half the buying price of buying a plastic bottle)

    • Ask before you take a photo- Not unusual curtsey. You wouldn’t like someone going for a photo people carrying out your mood to day business, so ask. They might agree they could say no. Should they do say no, thank you and disappear. A lot of people don’t mind. However it is always nice to inquire about first.

    • Carefully consider the souvenirs you buy- Guarantee the belongings you buy possess a legal and documented history and they aren’t stolen and are safe being exported. You should also make sure you are not supporting activities that damage the environment or are a result of illegal activity. You should always be not buying a souvenir made from ivory, endangered hard woods, ancient artefacts or endangered animals.

    • Respect the environment- Our main goal would be to ‘leave no trace’. Whenever your trekking, stick to the paths, don’t pick any flowers or damage any trees. If the camping out, think twice in which you will put your campfire and just use drift wood so you don’t encourage de-forestation.

    • Pick a Responsible Local travel agent – When organising your vacation, be sure to book your tour, package or activity using a responsible local travel agency.

    • Practice a little language and acquire involved! – Start with ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. In Nepali ‘Namaste’ and ‘Dhanybhad’. Commemorate an enormous amount of difference and individuals really regards.

    For details about responsible travel view this popular web site