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    Although many people are badmouthing CD and DVD, they’re still necessary to me. I realize more and more people choose to share personal video shots over the phone or Cloud storage services nowadays, but movies and longer-form home videos remain easier to share and watch on CD and DVD.

    Learning to make DVD labels with DVD label maker

    The first step Pick a DVD label maker program to suit your preferences. You also can use a CD label maker program, considering DVDs and CDs resemble in dimensions. Additionally, some free DVD label makers come built with a DVD pay for that you design.

    2 Download the specified program to your computer. Once completed, open this program and pick your template. Familiarize yourself with this software and also the special add-ons available.

    3 Type the title of one’s DVD on the label. Most DVD label making software come built with many different backgrounds and may allow you to download your own personal pictures.

    Step four Print your DVD label. Load your printer together with the DVD labels you purchased from a business office supply store and judge “File” and “Print”. Your DVD label paper will have a sticky backing that you can peel from the lime and put in more DVD.

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