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    Hidden City Wiki Locations
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    Having a good idea of where you should go when you want to explore the Hidden City Wiki is crucial. It helps you know the best places to go and how to get to them, and it also saves you a ton of time.
    Ranks gallery

    Ranks gallery is a place to see how cluttered a location is as you progress up in rank. It is a small window that can be found on the location pages of the game. It shows the background changes, coins, energy requirements and skeleton keys at each rank. The background changes will vary from rank to rank and the coins and energy requirements will vary depending on the amount of time you have played the game.

    The Ranks gallery is a great place to see if you have missed out on any valuable items. For example, the coins and energy required for the Chapel Basement will vary depending on your level of play. For instance, you will have to use more energy to play the game at rank 2 than you would at rank 3. Also, there are certain locations in the game that have coins that only high-rank players can get.
    Unlocking a location

    Getting the quest for Unexpected Guests requires you to unlock the Upper City and Lower City. However, if you don’t have the time or the resources to reach these levels, you can unlock them before reaching the required level. You can do this by acquiring a number of coins. These coins can be obtained by completing various quests and missions in the game. You can also get them by using items like a bomb or compass. You can also use a screenshot. These are a great way to find items faster.

    Various locations on the wiki have item maps that list where the items can be found. You can also find item maps for the current event. The locations on the wiki also have full names. You can also pay certain amounts of coins to unlock these locations. However, there is no need to rush to obtain Rubies if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.