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    Social Security Customer Service Improvement Act

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) has been under fire for years for their customer service. A series of special studies and surveys conducted before 1993 have found that customer satisfaction has dropped for four years in a row. This is attributed to longer wait times in offices and problems reaching a live person. Even before the program was implemented, the SSA was not sure how long it would take to serve an average customer. Today, this situation is changing.

    In the first week of every month, the SSA pays out 45 million benefits. Because of this, there are large volumes of calls that go to the 800 number during this period. Of these calls, nine percent deal with payment delivery, while only three percent are related to this issue during the remainder of the month. As a result, the Social Security Administration has implemented several steps to improve their customer service. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

    Social Security employees can no longer work from home, and the organization is also facing increased security concerns. Because the agency handles Electronic Files (EFs), many employees cannot work from home. But the benefits are worth the inconvenience. Many SSA employees have resorted to requesting legislation to ensure quality service. Representative Brian Higgins has introduced the Social Security Customer Service Improvement Act. Ultimately, the agency must improve its customer service to keep the American people satisfied.

    Many of these problems can be solved with a little help from SSA. Some examples include incorrect or incomplete information on applications, incorrect dates of onset of disability, incorrect wage information, and SSI redetermination issues. In addition, advocates report that SSA employees need to call clients to confirm the information provided on their applications. Using the internet to file a claim means the SSA will not be able to identify the person filing it.

    The Social Security Administration has been offering these services for almost a Vacatures beveiliging . However, the consequences have been largely under-recognized and little is being done to fix the situation. This service is critical to helping people file for benefits, but the government must take action if the problems persist. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, it is possible to file a lawsuit for damages arising from the denial of a legitimate claim.