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Office Admin, Secretarial and PA Diploma Level 3

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Gain the expertise you need for a range of business administration roles with this CPD-accredited Office Admin, Secretarial and PA training course. You will learn vital skills in time management, interpersonal communication, business writing, and gain a thorough understanding of Microsoft Office software including Excel, Word and Powerpoint.


Office administrators are the backbone of any company. From financial planning to minute taking, giving presentations to record keeping and logistics, there is always a demand for skilled receptionists, office administrator, personal assistants and secretaries across all industries. Start a new career or enhance your existing skills today with this course designed and delivered by industry experts.

Benefits of studying the Office Admin, Secretarial and PA course with Victoria Education include

  • Easy-to-understand course materials designed by industry experts, accessible through your smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet device
  • No hidden fees or costs — study a comprehensive course and earn a professional e-certificate upon successful completion
  • Get instant feedback from automated assessments and mock exams to gauge your progress
  • No formal deadlines or teaching schedule, meaning you can learn at your own pace
  • 24/7 help and support from your online tutors, through email and via our live online chat
  • Qualify for an NUS Extra card and gain access to over 200 fantastic deals from high street brands and one free year of ISIC unlocking over 42,000 international discounts

How is this qualification is delivered?

Our courses are taught entirely online, meaning you can access the materials wherever, whenever, at a pace that suits you, without formal deadlines or teaching schedules.

The courses are delivered through

  • Video lessons
  • PDF handouts
  • Mock exams
  • Online assessment

These can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. Our e-learning platform is optimised for use on mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.

Mandatory units

The Admin, Secretarial and PA Diploma Level 3 course consists of nine mandatory modules

  • Admin Support
  • Administrative Management
  • Organisational Skills
  • Personal Assistant Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Self Esteem and Confidence Building
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Excel


The assessment at the end of each course is a multiple-choice exam taken through our online platform. The system is fully automated so you will receive your results instantly upon completion.


Upon successful completion, you will qualify for the UK and internationally-recognised professional qualification. You can order a PDF Certificate for £12

Who is this course for?

Our CPD-accredited Office Admin, Secretarial and PA course is aimed at anyone wishing to start working in such roles, or existing professionals wishing to boost their skills and employability. Our courses are open to learners of all levels with no formal experience or qualifications required to enrol. However, learners should be aged 16 or over and have a good understanding of English language, numeracy and IT.

Career path

Studying this would benefit a range of careers, but would specifically boost employability in roles including

  • Business administration
  • Office administration
  • HR management
  • Receptionist
  • Personal assistant (PA)
  • Secretary
  • Officer manager
  • Team leader
  • Other professional roles in IT or accounting and finance

Course Curriculum

Providing Administrative Support
First Things First 00:30:00
Preparation (1) 01:00:00
Preparation (2) 01:00:00
Time management 01:00:00
The Importance of keeping to schedules 01:00:00
Imperative Tasks 01:00:00
Skills: Communicating Verbally 01:00:00
Skills: Communicating non-Verbally 01:00:00
Sanctioning yourself 01:00:00
The power of teamwork 01:00:00
Ensuring you are ready 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Personal Assistant (PA)
First Things First 00:30:00
The Manager 01:00:00
Essential Skills – Administrative 01:00:00
TIme Management 01:00:00
Management of Meetings 01:00:00
The Essential tools (1) 01:00:00
The Essential tools (2) 01:00:00
Powerful Gatekeeper 01:00:00
Skills: Organisational 01:00:00
Confidentiality 01:00:00
Imperative Tasks 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Managing Administration
First Things First 00:30:00
The Administrative Process and its importance 01:00:00
Ensure you’re prepared 01:00:00
Important Processes 01:00:00
Our list of 5 processes 01:00:00
Binder Essentials (1) 01:00:00
Binder Essentials (2) 01:00:00
Binder Organization 01:00:00
Don’t bother with these items in your process guide 01:00:00
Distribute the Process guide 01:00:00
Ensure high level of success when carrying out the process Guide 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Skills: Organisational
First Things First 00:30:00
Get rid of Things you don’t need 01:00:00
Arranging your work 01:00:00
Time Management 01:00:00
Managing your list of things to do 01:00:00
The differences between virtual storage and physical storage 01:00:00
Standardize your work area 01:00:00
How not to procrastinate 01:00:00
Managing your inbox 01:00:00
Avoid Not Organizing 01:00:00
Stay Focussed to keep Organized 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Developing Self-Esteem & Confidence
First Things First 01:00:00
The meaning of Self-Confidence 01:00:00
Bumps in the Road 01:00:00
Skills: Communication 01:00:00
Establishing Targets 01:00:00
It’s a feeling 01:00:00
It’s also a Look 01:00:00
And, of course, a sound 01:00:00
The best Presentations 00:30:00
Manage yourself 01:00:00
Managing Problematic Misbehavour 00:30:00
Plenary 00:15:00
Writing for Business
First Things First 00:30:00
Word Management 01:00:00
Plenary 01:00:00
Developing Sentences 01:00:00
Paragraph Development 01:00:00
Agenda Schedules 01:00:00
E-mails 01:00:00
Letters for Business 01:00:00
Proposals for Business 01:00:00
Reports for Business 01:00:00
Various Documents 01:00:00
Ensuring Proofread for final Product 00:30:00
Software: Microsoft Excel
First Things First 00:30:00
Excel Essentials 01:00:00
The User Interface 01:00:00
Starting a worksheet 01:00:00
Reviewing your Data 01:00:00
Constructing Formulas 01:00:00
Utilising Functions in Excel 01:00:00
Quick Analysis Essentials 01:00:00
Data Formatting 01:00:00
Styles, Themes and Effects Essentials 01:00:00
Print & Share the workbook 01:00:00
Plenary 01:00:00
Software: Microsoft Word
First Things First 00:30:00
Word Essentials 01:00:00
The User Interface 01:00:00
Starting a Document 01:00:00
Essential Editing 01:00:00
Essential Formatting 01:00:00
Paragraph Formatting 01:00:00
Formatting – Advanced 01:00:00
Styles Essentials 01:00:00
Page Formatting 01:00:00
Share the Word Document 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Software: Microsoft PowerPoint
First Things First 00:30:00
PowerPoint Essentials 01:00:00
The User Interface 01:00:00
Starting a Presentation 01:00:00
Text Building Essentials 01:00:00
Text Formatting & Paragraphs essentials 01:00:00
Inserting Graphics such as pictures 01:00:00
Formatting Tasks – Advanced 01:00:00
Animations & Transitions Essentials 01:00:00
Slide Show Preparation 01:00:00
It’s Time to Present 01:00:00
Plenary 00:30:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Office Admin, Secretarial and PA Diploma Level 3 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Office Admin, Secretarial and PA Diploma Level 3 00:30:00

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